New Semester, Newer and Better SoundSlides

After teaching my students the basics of audio and photography, I asked them to use what they learned from previous assignments and produce a photo/audio story using Soundslides. I split them up into groups of two, and they had three weeks to complete a SoundSlides story about either a place or a person.

I believe my students did a great job,  see their work and judge it yourself

Soundslides from Kuwait University

This  was the very first time that Soundslides was introduced to students at Kuwait University and these projects were probably the first Soundslides done in Arabic. I split my students into groups of two to four and asked them to produce Soundlsides project about either a place or a person Let me say this: as a first effort, I was very very proud of my students. All of the stories were interesting, but most importantly, I saw great improvements in photographs and the audio editing.
One of the major issues that we encountered is the fact that Soundslides doesn’t support Arabic text, which meant that we couldn’t provide captions to each photo–one or two groups did provide captions in English though.  I hope Soundslides finds a quick solution to this small issue.
Please have a look at the following projects and let us  know what you think: