About the Course

اعلام متعدد الوسائط

يشمل هذا المقرر تدريبا علميا و عمليا متقدما على اساليب التصميم الفني و الاخراج لمختلف اشكال المواد الاعلامية في المختلفة (صحافة ، إذاعة ، تلفزيون ، انترنت) و التوليف الفني بين عناصر المادة الاعلامية كالنصوص و الصور و العناوين طبقا لنظريات التصميم و الاخراج الحديثة و بإستخدام برمجيات التصميم و الاخراج.


Multimedia Journalism

This course is designed to introduce students to the new journalism practices initiated by the continuing development of technology via the Internet. With the Internet’s capabilities, journalists today can enhance their storytelling by adding multi-media (audio, video and photography) to their writings.  In this course, students will be introduced to the basic tools and software needed to create multimedia packages, but more importantly, it will focus on how to successfully utilize those tools to produce efficient news-stories—Tools and software mean nothing without storytelling.

This course was inspired by Mindy McAdams’ Journalism Toolkit course that I have taken during my years as a graduate student at the University of Florida. Most of the information I know or will be teaching has come from my course with Mindy McAdams and from her various online posts. I will be teaching it in Arabic because I am required to do so by Kuwait University, so for those of you who are non-Arab speakers and who would like to follow this blog, I will try my best to post in both English and Arabic.