New Semester, Newer and Better SoundSlides

After teaching my students the basics of audio and photography, I asked them to use what they learned from previous assignments and produce a photo/audio story using Soundslides. I split them up into groups of two, and they had three weeks to complete a SoundSlides story about either a place or a person.

I believe my students did a great job,  see their work and judge it yourself

2 thoughts on “New Semester, Newer and Better SoundSlides

  1. At we’re experiencing one of those cyilccal situations at community colleges where we’ve had a near complete turnover of staffs. Guess as adviser I’m going to really earn my money this semester. A complete turnover is not all bad, however, because it allows you to mold students the right direction without a lot of bad habits as baggage.But it is amazing how easily (weekly) print edition mindset takes over with deadlines and thought processes. So I’m developing a “Think Online” campaign for the newsroom. This list above is going to be helpful. We already do some of this, and have for years. But students still haven’t been able to shed the “Think Print Oh, and Yeah, then Online” mentality.

  2. نحن فخورون جذا بأعمالنا و انجازاتنا التي ما كانت لتكون لولا تعليمك و ارشادك لنا دكتور … شكرا جزيلا

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